Remaining Classes Thru May 2017  (the Fall and Winter 2017/18 classes will be posted August 1, 2017)


Being Dharma

Based on the book, "Being Dharma-The Essence of the Buddha's Teaching",  by Ajahn Chah, this class is designed to take The Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Noble Path out of the realm of ancient teachings and place them directly in the laps of our 21st century thoughts and behaviors.  The class will include lecture, discussion, and some group activities tailored to assist us in creating awareness and examining specific and behavioral changes in our lives on a moment-by-moment basis.

Dates: Tuesdays March 14 and 21 7:00 pm

Facilitator: Dr Ahm Koh David Beighley

Fee:  $45

Pre-register by March 7 by either emailing or calling 616-822-2465

Fundamentals of Buddhism

This is an introductoryclass for those who are either new to Buddhism or would like to explore basic Buddhist Beliefs and Practices.  This two session class with explore the following basic principles: Three Marks of the Dharma, The Four Noble Truths. The Noble Eight Fold Path, The Four Immeasurables, the Six Paramitas, basic scriptures. and an Introduction to Meditation. This exploration is NOT an in-depth examination of these topics,but is rather a survey of them to acquaint the newcomer with these fundamental teachings.

Dates: Tuesdays June 6 and 13 at 7:00 pm

Teacher:  Venerable Deok Wun

Fee: $45

Pre-Register by June 4 by either calling 616-822-2465 or emailing

On-Going: Every Thursday Morning (everyone is invited)

9:00am:  Dharma Discussion Group

10:00am: Sutra Discussion Group

Facilitator:  Ven Hung Su(contact him with questions)



Retreats for the winter and spring have been completed. Check back in August for the 2017/18 Retreat schedule


Special Events


Special Saturday Morning Teaching and Meditation Session

On Saturday April 1 from 8-10:30 am our Guiding Teacher, Venerable Deon Wun, will offer a special teaching and meditation session entitled, "The Inconceivable and Indestructible: Emptiness and Suchness".  This session will involve several teachings on the Buddhist teachings on emptiness and suchness, one of the most misunderstood of Buddhist teachings.  Using materials from modern science, philosophy and the traditional Buddhist sources, participants will be lead to an understanding of this most important teaching. Guided meditations will highlight the teachings.
Because of the nature of this session those attending must commit to attending the entire session.  There will not be an opportunity to either leave early or come late.
If you wish to attend please email Teacher at deokwun@grzen,org or call 616 822 2465 not later than Wednesday March 29
Suggested donation is $5



Lojong Pratice

Lojong is “Mind Training for Compassion”.  These are periods of guided mediation using recitations and periods of reflection.  All Lojong practice sessions take place on the evening of the Full Moon at 5:30 pm.


            Sunday, October 16

            Monday, November 14

            Wednesday, December 14

            Thursday, January 12

            Sunday, March 12  (will be part of Sunday morning service and not in the evening)

            Tuesday, April 11


Meditation in The Body  

This is a series of body meditations that ground us in our physical being.  These guided meditations facilitate a deep relaxation into non-conceptual awareness.  They support our practice of sitting meditation and bring a healing awareness to the body and mind. Most of these meditations are done lying down.

The Saturday sessions consist of three different meditations, beginning on the hour; you can come to all or one; just be sure to be there at the start of the hour you plan to join (you cannot start in the middle of the hour).  The Thursday sessions are one hour long.  

A donation of $5 is suggested

Please contact Jill Eggers at, with any questions.  

Please check back later for a new schedule


Special Services

           Sunday April 9:  Ordination Sunday (potluck)

            Sunday, June 4---Precepts Sunday (Potluck)


Buddhist Based Addiction Recovery Meetings (open meetings)

Mondaysat Temple 6:30 pm meditation / 7:00 pm meeting

Wednesdays  at Alano North Club; 1020 College Ave NE; 6:30 pm meditation / 7:00 pm meeting

Thursdays: at Temple 6:30 meditation / 7:00 pm Meeting

Fridays  at Temple; 10:30 am meditation / 11:00 am meeting