Winter 2017 Classes

The Fundamentals of Buddhism

This class is for those new to Buddhism or for those who simply want to know more about its fundamental beliefs and practices.  The class will cover all of the basics including: The Three Marks of the Dharma, The Four Noble Truths, The Noble Eightfold Path, The Four Immeasurables, The Six Paramitas, karma,  as well as basic meditation instruction.  Materials for the course include our Guiding Teacher’s book, Is It Buddha? 12 Questions Every Seeker Should Ask.

Dates and Times:  Saturday January21 9:00am-1:00pm with Venerable Deok Wun (Teacher)    

Cost:  $45 due at first class meeting Pre-Registration Requested by calling 616 822 2465

Practicing the Six Perfections and Four Immeasurables---Is It Possible?

The corner stones of living a Buddhist life is knowing and living the Six Perfections (paramitas) and the Four Immeasurables.  If we don't try to embed them in our lives attaining the Buddha Way of living cannot be achieved.  In this active workshop we will explore both what these practices are, how to engage them, and how to deal with the challenges they present. 

Dates: Tuesdays January 24 and 31 7:00=8:30 pm

Workshop Leader: Venerable Deok Wun (Teacher)

Cost $45 includes materials due at first class meeting.  Pre-Registration is required by calling 616 822 2465

Exploring Truth     Women’s Spiritual Wellness Group

Six Sunday afternoons--TBD.--1:30-3:15pm (not l0/9)

Fee: $40.00 donation to the Buddhist Temple

Do you enjoy thought-provoking ideas and authentic dialogue with like-minded women? This group addresses a consolidation of ideas from Buddhism, neuroscience and western psychotherapy. These ideas can intersect to support us in increasing resiliency and in developing our capacity to meet life’s everyday challenges. Ideas discussed will be practical and immediately applicable. Topics will include: Contemplative living and mindfulness; Rumination, self talk and compassion; The art of stillness; Happiness and the mind;  Materials by Pema Chodron, Ram Dass, Thich Nhat Hanh and others, provided weekly. Group size limited to eight women. For more information or to register, visit or contact

Facing Emotions:  Meet the Five Buddha Families.

Our emotions can keep us from being present and available to our families, friends, co-workers and even ourselves.  Many Buddhists do not realize that there are Five Buddha Families that can help guide us through our emotional obstacles.  In this workshop we will explore each of the Five Buddha Families and how they can support and encourage us.  The Five Buddha Families are not commonly addressed in the context of Zen practice, but they are important in many other forms of Buddhist tradition.  Knowing the Five Buddha Families can help each of us gain insight and understanding of negative emotions and how to transform them into more wholesome experiences.

Dates and Times: Tuesdays October 18 and 25 7:00 pm

Facilitator:  Teacher

Fee:  $35 due at first meeting

Pre-register by either calling 616 822 2465 or emailing


Being Dharma

Based on the book, "Being Dharma-The Essence of the Buddha's Teaching",  by Ajahn Chah, this class is designed to take The Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Noble Path out of the realm of ancient teachings and place them directly in the laps of our 21st century thoughts and behaviors.  The class will include lecture, discussion, and some group activities tailored to assist us in creating awareness and examining specific and behavioral changes in our lives on a moment-by-moment basis.

Dates: Tuesdays March 14 and 28 7:00 pm

Facilitator: Dr Ahm Koh David Beighley

Fee:  $45

Pre-register by March 7 by either emailing or calling 616-822-2465


Discovering Your Scripts

According to cognitive psychology, each of us has a life script or schema - whether we are aware of it or not. A life script is another way of describing the meaning we attribute to the events that happen to us. Depending on our particular script, we can interpret an event in a number of different ways. In this workshop you will explore how your scripts affect your thoughts and behavior in your life, your relationships, and your practice.  This workshop is part experiential and part teaching.

Dates: Tuesdays February 21 and 28 7:00pm

Facilitator:  Steve Gainey, MSW

Fee:  $45

Pre-register by February 15 by either emailing or calling 616-822-2465


On-Going: Every Thursday Morning (everyone is invited)

9:00am:  Dharma Discussion Group

10:00am: Sutra Discussion Group

Facilitator:  Ven Hung Su(contact him with questions)



Fall Retreat:  Introduction and Initiation into Dzogchen

Dzogchen is known as “The Great Perfection”.  It is not so much a practice as it is a way of being.  It is the path of liberation.  It is deeply rooted in Tibetan practice, particularly the Nyingmapa, and comes from the ancient Bon religion.  While not necessarily Buddhist, Dzogchen has found a home within the Buddha Way.  This retreat will introduce students to various methods and instructions that lead to the state of Dzogchen.  This is not just a meditation practice, but is a form of practice that leads to a constant state of awareness.  Unlike other practices where the teacher offers direction and advice to the student, Dzogchen requires the student to enter into a more direct relationship with the teacher (who in the Dzogchen context is referred to as the “guru”0.  During this retreat participants will take part in several teachings, instructions, and empowerments offered by the guru.  These will sometimes take place in a group setting and other times privately with the guru.  This is not a retreat for those unfamiliar with basic Buddhist principles and a meditation practice.  Participants will have a private room, but shared bath.  Part of the retreat process is the preparation of meals and daily maintenance of the retreat space.  This retreat is limited to 13 participants.  All electronics must be surrendered on arrival, although there will be a brief period each day to allow for phone calls and emails.  This will be strictly enforced due to the nature of this retreat.

Dates: Friday October 21 7:00 pm thru Sunday October 23 3:00 pm

Cost: $150 including all accommodations and meals. Due at first meeting

Pre-registration by October 2 is required by contacting Teacher at 616 822 2465 or email

Retreat Leader:  Teacher

Location: Oxbow School of Art, Saugatuck MI



Spring Retreat: Intimate Interbeing

Art Practice Retreat

March 2-5 OR March 3-5 (you can attend both)

Lianhua Su Jill Eggers will lead a retreat that uses art practice as a way of deepening our understanding of Buddhist ideas of the interconnectedness of all life.   During this retreat, participants will engage in individual and collaborative art making, and guided meditations.   Parts of the retreat will be in silence. This art practice is geared to serve the person who wishes to open to the creative impulse, whether they are an accomplished artist or have no art background whatsoever.  We will spend time out doors regardless of weather, so please come prepared for that.

Participants may elect either the long or short retreat; the retreat activities will be coordinated so that one can enter the retreat on Friday with ease, if the longer period does not work.  Enrollment for this retreat is limited to 18 participants.

Teacher will lead some of the meditation practices during this retreat, and will be available for individual meetings. 

LOCATION: Oxbow School of Art, Saugatuck, MI

Cost: $250 including meals prepared by Oxbow staff, private room, art materials and supplies

Registration Deadline: February 1, 2017

To register please email Lianhua Su at



Special Event

Dzogchen Practice (This is closed to further enrolment)

The sessions will occur on two consecutive Thursdays followed by a period apart from the Teacher so that participants can develop their practice.  Below are the dates for all sessions.  They will all be on Thursday evenings from 6:30-8:30 pm.  For questions please contact Teacher at either 616 822 2465 or


            August 25 and September 1 (introductory Sessions)

            October 13 and 20

            December 1 and 8

            January 26 and February 2

            April 13 and 20


Full Moon Lojong Practice

Lojong is “Mind Training for Compassion”.  These are periods of guided mediation using recitations and periods of reflection.  All Lojong practice sessions take place on the evening of the Full Moon at 5:30 pm.


            Sunday, October 16

            Monday, November 14

            Wednesday, December 14

            Thursday, January 12

            Sunday, March 12

            Tuesday, April 11


Meditation in The Body  

This is a series of body meditations that ground us in our physical being.  These guided meditations facilitate a deep relaxation into non-conceptual awareness.  They support our practice of sitting meditation and bring a healing awareness to the body and mind. Most of these meditations are done lying down.

The Saturday sessions consist of three different meditations, beginning on the hour; you can come to all or one; just be sure to be there at the start of the hour you plan to join (you cannot start in the middle of the hour).  The Thursday sessions are one hour long.  

A donation of $5 is suggested

Please contact Jill Eggers at, with any questions.  

Saturday, Sept 17  9:00 am - noon; three 45 minute sessions

Thursday, Oct 6, 7:00-8:00 pm  (these could be 6:30-7:30 if you think that’s a better time slot)

Saturday, Nov 19, 9:00 am -noon; three 45 minute sessions (this was a MM assigned to Hung Su)

Thursday, Dec 15, 7:00-8:00 pm

Saturday, Jan 21, 9:00 am -noon; three 45 minutes sessions

Thursday, Feb 9, 7:00-8:00 pm


Kyol Che Periods

The Kyol Che is a week long period of intensive meditation and teaching. Kyol Che means “tight dharma”.  We have two week-long periods.  The first is in December in the week leading up to the celebration of Buddha’s Awakening.  The second period is the week before we celebrate Buddha’s Birthday.  Each of the weeks will adhere to this schedule:

            First Sunday Evening

                        7:00pm Opening Ceremony

            Monday thru Friday:

                        6:30-7:30 am:  Temple Opening Ceremony followed by meditation

                        Noon-12:45:  Chanting service and meditation

                        6:30 7:30 pm: Teaching, Meditation


                        9:00 am:  Chanting, meditation, followed by temple cleaning and decoration

            Winter Kyol Che:  Sunday, December 4 thru Saturday December 10

            Spring Kyol Che: Sunday, April 30 thru Saturday May 6


Special Services

            Sunday, August 28---Opening of the Fall Practice Period (Potluck)

            Sunday, November 20---Thanksgiving Service (Potluck)

            Sunday, December 11---Buddha’s Awakening (Potluck)

            Saturday, December 24 7:00pm---Christmas Eve Service (Cookie Exchange)

            Saturday, December 31 7:00pm---New Year’s Eve Service

            Sunday,February 5---Atonement Ceremony (Potluck)

            Sunday, June 4---Precepts and Ordination Sunday (Potluck)


Buddhist Based Addiction Recovery Meetings (open meetings)

Mondaysat Temple 6:30 pm meditation / 7:00 pm meeting

Wednesdays  at Alano North Club; 1020 College Ave NE; 6:30 pm meditation / 7:00 pm meeting

Fridays  at Temple; 10:30 am meditation / 11:00 am meeting