• Meditation at the Temple

    Meditation at the Temple

The Grand Rapids Buddhist Temple and Zen Center is a Buddhist Temple in the heart of downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan. We offer a rich tradition of Korean Zen Buddhism coupled with a commitment to inclusion, inter-faith dialogue and community service and engagement.

Even though we are a Korean Zen Buddhist Temple, we invite everyone, regardless of religious tradition, to join us as we learn and live the teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha for the benefit of all beings.

Temple Schedule

10:00am Sunday Service
Monday & Wednesday
6:30pm Buddhist-based Addiction Recovery
Tuesday & Thursday
12:00pm Drop-in Meditation
5:30pm Drop-in Meditation Except last Thurs of each month, which is a mantra chanting meditation
2nd Saturday of each month
8:00am Morning of Mindfulness
Full Moon Each Month
5:30pm Lojong Meditation On night of full moon each month. Check newsletter or calendar for details.